Budget Worksheet

Budget Worksheet

If you’re unsure of where to start on your budget I am going to share mine with you! I’ve tweaked it a little to try and add some extra expenses that may be relevant to you, but it is completely flexible so you can add categories that apply to you and delete ones that don’t.

Keep in mind those expenses that you know will come up but might forget in your everyday budgeting like home repairs and maintenance, school fees and those irregular bills.

I personally love to know what my annual expenses and income is going at a glance to be so I can see the bigger picture so I have included formulas to automatically work out your weekly, fortnightly, monthly and annual budget.

How to use the Budget Worksheet

It’s a google worksheet so you will have to have a google account in order to access it. Simply click on the link, save a copy and start your very own budget!

I have included three versions in the Budget which you can choose depending on your pay cycle – weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you are paid weekly or prefer to budget based on weekly amounts go with the Weekly Tab version. If you are paid fortnightly and budget over two weeks, go with the fortnightly version. Or if you prefer month figures or are paid monthly use the monthly worksheet.

Simply override the bold column fields that correspond to budget you want:

B – for weekly budget figures

C – for fortnightly budget figures

D – for monthly budget figures

The other formulas in the unchanged columns will populate automatically so don’t change these (it will warn you if you try to change them :)).

This is a zero-based budget which is a fancy way of saying that you should allocate every dollar of your income whether that be to expenses, debt, savings or investing. And the final surplus in row 49 should be $0.00

Get Your copy of the Budget Worksheet.

And that’s it! happy budgeting, Minimisers!

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