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Welcome to Minimise With Me!

I am so excited that you have stumbled upon my blog! My name is Jess and I am the founder of Minimise With Me; a blog about reducing the excess in order to focus on the essential. I’m a 30 year old living and working in Sydney with my husband. I work full-time as an Accountant, I also play in a band and know how busy our schedules can get with the every day commitments of life.

My Story

A while back I was struggling to keep on top of house work, the piling up clutter was causing me anxiety and even getting dressed to go out seemed to bring more stress with it than necessary. My schedule was non-stop, it was go, go, go, week-to-week and felt like there was never any downtime to just stop. I would cringe at our monthly credit card statements as I saw seemingly endless amounts I had spent and was even more concerned that I could not remember what I had bought. I realised that this was not a healthy lifestyle long-term and set about researching ways to change our habits for the better.

Soon after I discovered the benefits of minimalism and fell in love with the mindset of creating a more intentional life focused on relationships, passion and growth – I knew I’d opened a new chapter in my life.

From there I set out to minimise our unwanted possessions that had built up over the years and was determined to make our limited space work for us. I was adamantly passionate about getting organised and not let my to do list overwhelm me. I Wanted to find ways to simplify all facets of my life including simplifying my cleaning routines and switching to cheaper, more environmentally friendly natural cleaners. The added bonus of all of these goals allowed me to find new ways to save money and reduce my unintentional spending. I wanted to be more intentional about what I was bringing into my home and what I would trade my valuable time for to earn it.

Starting the Minimise With Me Blog!

After discovering the benefits of minimalism, downsizing our possessions and reassessing our spendings I felt a strong desire to share this knowledge to help others. It allowed me to discover a new passion, one that didn’t involve buying things to fill some void that would inevitably lead me to get into more debt and take me further away from achieving my new found goals. I wanted to help others, to contribute in any small way that I could to show other people feeling the same dissatifaction I had that there was another way. A way that didn’t focus on what materialism and what you posess in order to decide your worth.

In February 2017, I started working away on what would become my blog Minimise With Me. I chose to focus my topics on Cleaning Tips, Organisation, Minimalism and Budgeting. I feel these all tie into one another and help me reduce the excess in order to focus on the essential.


If you feel that Minimise With Me might in some way add value to your life please subscribe to my blog via the form below. I would love to have you as part of the Minimise With Me community and look forward to working together on our journey to a more intentional life! New subscribers get access to the eBook “101 Ways to Save Money Whilst Still Living Awesomely” where I share tips on how you can reduce spending whilst still having a life and new blog posts mailed weekly directly to your inbox. Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future.

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Let’s minimise the excess so the we can focus on the essential!

Jess 🙂