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Here are some handy Free Resources to help you on your journey to minimise the excess in your life, so that you can focus on the essential! Keep an eye out for more to come 🙂

Budgeting Freebies:

Your Free Wedding Budget – This will give you a start point for your wedding budget and help you keep track of your expenses paid and due as you approach your wedding day!

Cleaning Freebies:

My Favourite Home-Made Cleaning Recipes – Check out my favourite home made cleaning recipes that will clean your home beautifully without the extra chemicals!

Organising Freebies:

Freezer Inventory Worksheet – Use this to keep a record of what is in your freezer, by category so you know what you have to use up and can reduce food waste in your home as well as save money!

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13 Budget Friendly Organisation Solutions For Your Home

Having a few handy organisational products in your home can make staying organised that little bit easier and help add some valuable storage space to your home. Photo: Nicolas Barbier Garreau

For some time I’ve been experimenting with different organisation solutions in my home. Our home is not quite a storage haven. Our linen closet is two small shelves in our laundry and what we can fit in our single bathroom vanity (which thankfully is a decent size!). Our kitchen is probably the most challenging for storage so we have had to be creating with our storage tool to make the most of the space that we have. Over the last six years living in our home I have come across some great organisation solutions to make our small space work for us. Check out these 13 Budget-Friendly Organisation Solutions for Your Home!

  1.    Over the door racks

These can be picked up from around $10 and have some great uses. Use them to store dressing gowns when they are not in use to keep them from taking up valuable space in your wardrobe. These hooks are also great for storing your re-wearable clothes until you can wear them again keeping your clean clothes from ending up on the floor or in your laundry baskets prematurely. They also make for great storage of hang bags! I have one in my bathroom and bedroom which helps to free up valuable storage space in those rooms.

2. Boxes

Boxes are great organisation solution for organising and hiding your stuff to give a more uniform, neat look. Even better, sometimes you can find what you need in your own home saving you having to buy anything! Repurpose Gift boxes for storing jewellery and stationery. Old watch containers can be used to store small items like SD cards and USBs. Tissue boxes can be hacked and use as small storage containers. Shoe boxes can be wrapped or contacted in your favourite colours or patterns and used as storage containers.   

3. Command hooks

These work so well for so many things and are a great organisation solution for your home. I use these in my home to hang up small containers to hold cleaning supplies like microfibre clothes. Another great use for these is to hang up your kitchen gloves to dry after use, simply hang a bulldog clip off the command hook and attach to your gloves. They can also be used to hang up brooms and mops to stop them from sliding around, hide unsightly cables as well as holding your bin bag in place. I have one under our kitchen sink to dry our microfibre cloths before putting them in the microfibre cloth cleaning bin so they don’t sit in the container wet. Such a great organisation solution to have in the home!

4. Over-door Shoe Organiser 

These are a great and affordable way to store large amounts of shoes and utilise some extra unused space in your home. The great thing about these is they can be used for anything from shoes, to underwear, craft supplies, scarves, toys, stationery, make up, hair and beauty accessories – use your imagination! I use one in my home to store excess cleaning supplies on the back of our laundry door. Out of sight and freeing up valuable storage space in our under sink cabinet!     

5. Over the door basket

These over the door baskets are great for utilising space on the inside of your cupboard doors particularly the bathroom, laundry and under the kitchen sink. I have one to store our spare plastic bags (that I am slowly dwindling down :)) and another in the laundry to hold our additional laundry supplies like fabric softener and stain remover. This keeps the cupboard floor free for other storage needs and helps to stop if from being too cluttered.


6. Magazine Files

Use magazine file organisers for more than your stationery needs. They can be attached to your pantry door to hold foil and cling wrap and sandwich bags or used for storing vegies like potatoes, tomatoes and onions.  I’ve seen people use them to organise their families drink bottles, hair tools and even as shelving for coffee and tea stations. .

7. Drawer dividers and cutlery trays

Drawer dividers can help bring order to a chaotic utensil drawer. They come in packs of two which gives you three storage compartments to sort your different utensils into for different uses. Cutlery trays are another option for organising your utensils by category. If you want to save some cash create your own versions from cardboard or DIY felt drawer organisers. 

>> For more organising tips check out How an Organised Space Can Save You Money

8. Organiser Drawers/Trays

These are handy for your fridge and freezer, particularly for narrow shelves where you need to reach into the back. Simply store your condiments, fruits, oils etc in these trays so you can easily slide them out and grab what you need or carry the whole container out with you if you need multiple items to save you continually going back to the fridge or pantry. They are great for keeping like items together so you can easily locate them and keep your pantry or fridge looking nice and tidy with no effort required at all 🙂

9. Reuse old Jars

 Clean out old candle or food jars to keep for pantry ingredient storage or for other storage in your home. They can be great for storing baking good like sprinkles and chocolate melts, buttons, loose coins and make up and other beauty products. They can also be used to  create some DIY decor such as utensil holders, wedding or home decorations or even for DIY beauty gifts. 

10. Pantry stackable shelves 

I recently bought two three tier stackable shelves for storing our cans from Kmart. I couldn’t be happier with them. Not only do they look amazing, but they make it easy to see what you do and don’t have in the pantry. It gives you a limit on what you can repurchase so you can save money on groceries by not overfilling your pantry. Just buy what is needed to fill up the racks and wait for your next shop to buy any extras. Alternatively stackable shelves allow you to store your dry goods on two levels which helps increase the storage in your pantry and take advantage of any unused height.


11. Shower curtain hooks

These can be placed on a coat hanger for storing singlets, scarves, caps, bags and jewellery saving valuable drawer and cupboard space and keep your collection together.

12. IKEA Skubb boxes for drawers

I bought these from IKEA and love them for organising different clothes in our drawers. There are different sizes that can be mixed and matched to fit your drawer dimensions. Great for organising socks and underwear and the like. Alternatively you can make some DIY ones with some spare cardboard or by repurposing old shoe boxes.


13. Laundry hamper on wheels

This has to be by far the best organisation solution I have in my home. It has allowed me to simplify our laundry by avoiding the tedious task of sorting our washing as it is already done. Even better I no longer have to lug around a heavy basket across the house, I can simply grab one of the bags and carry it or roll the hamper to the laundry room. It has helped simplify my laundry routine and cut out the sorting which is a task I am more than happy to do without 🙂

What are your favourite organisation solution in your home? Do you use any of the above 13 in your home? Comment below with what has helped you stay organised.



How An Organised Space Can Save You Money

I’ve always been a bit of a frugal-er, trying to limit waste and unnecessary spending where I could and had a desire to get more organised. After living out of home for five years, I realised we’d developed some bad habits.

We were binning massive amounts of spoiled food each week. Most of it fresh food we’d bought with good intentions but just hadn’t gotten around to eating. Finding stuff in the pantry was a difficult process with random cans thrown in sporadically and no real organisation system. We’d go shopping list-less and come home with five cans of corn only to realise we already had eight in the pantry.

We were constantly leaving things to the last minute. Often realising we’d forgotten to buy a birthday present, we’d rush around hoping we could find something the day of the party in sheer craziness. Cleaning was an ordeal having to try and vacuum around whatever clothes and furniture items we had on the floor.

I was sick of the disorganisation and having unnecessary stress in our lives. After being overwhelmed by clutter, and the anxiety and stress it caused me I set out to change my home environment. I wanted to have a more calming space – I didn’t want to see mess everywhere and trip over things.

Once starting the decluttering process of my home I realised there was an added benefit to having an organised space. It was aiding our budgeting and helping us to save more money. Here is How an Organised Space Can Save You Money and how it has benefited us.

1. Save on groceries and buying duplicates.

Since organising our home we can now see what we have at a glance. In the pantry, all cans are lined up, long-life milk, snacks are in the one place which makes creating our shopping list that much easier. Our fridge is no longer filled to capacity as we only buy what we will need for the week ahead. This means we can reduce the food we are wasting each week and save on our grocery bill. Having an organised space allows us to avoid bringing home multiples of an item we already have, whether that be groceries or things we misplace or have just forgotten we have.

2. Reduce your clothing budget.

Organising your wardrobe is a huge game changer in terms of spending. Before I discovered the amazement of being organised I used to have my wardrobe and drawers overflowing with clothes. Each wash day I’d shove a new pile in, on top of the stuff that had just become accustomed to staying at the bottom of the drawer. I remember the first time I decided to declutter my wardrobe, I found three pairs of black shorts. I’m not sure how many pairs of black shorts anyone needs, but the fact that I had three that I had not only not worn in years, but didn’t even know I had them was quite eye-opening to me.

From that moment I realised how important it is to keep what you have organised and to regularly assess what you have so you know what items you own. In the past I would just buy new clothes, chuck them in a drawer or in my wardrobe with the intention of wearing them and often completely forgot I had ever bought them. I’d never really taken stock of what clothing I owned. Now when I go shopping I know at least 99% of my wardrobe off the top of my head. I know what shoes I have to mix and match with outfits and can better select what I am bringing into my wardrobe.

3. You’re more content living in a smaller home.

Since organising our home the feeling of claustrophobia has diminished. I no longer feel like our house is too small and that we need more space. I’m rarely tempted to look at larger homes to buy. Even if it springs to mind when I see a nice photo of a home, I remember how much I love cleaning a smaller home and how I would never want the additional hours of work to pay for one and lost hours keeping up with the maintenance that comes with a bigger home. After decluttering all areas of our home we’ve actually managed to free up some storage space and are in no rush to fill them back up.

4. Planning ahead is easier and you can avoid impulse purchases.  

About two years ago I started using a diary to get more organised. After about a year I switched to a Bullet Journal and was instantly impressed by the simplicity it brought to my life. By being more organised and writing in my bullet journal I am able to save money in numerous ways. Whether it be planning ahead for dinner so I can avoid buying take out that night. Making a note to buy a gift for someone a month ahead instead of running around the day before in a rush and blowing the gift budget. Or making a note to compare prices on a new purchase in order to get the best price and save money.  

5. You’ll become more intentional with purchases.

Now that we have decluttered our home we are very keen to keep it from getting out of hand again. This impacts my day-to-day activities and spending. I no longer walk into shops aimlessly to pass time or find some kind of satisfaction from buying something new.

Before I buy anything now, it has to hold up to a range of requirements. I will ask myself questions such as do I really need this? Do I have a place for it? Is it something I will be willing to dust from now until when I get rid of it? Most of the time the answer is no and I walk away from it.

When you start making more conscious decisions with what you are purchasing on a daily basis you develop new habits and soon enough the desire to buy lessens and your desire for a calm, organised space keeps you from reverting back to old habits.

6. Save money not having to replace lost items.

Have you ever gone to look for something and not been able to locate it? I am pretty sure we have all been here. You think to yourself, maybe I never had it or gave it away? You go out to replace the items. Sometimes the original turns up and you feel a little silly but even after turning the house upside down at the time you couldn’t find it! This is another way an organised space can save you money. By having organisational systems in place you can avoid losing things in your home and replacing them. Even more importantly this wastes another important resource, your time. Imagine all the more important things you could be doing with the time wasted looking for lost items.

7. You can sell your unwanted stuff online. 

Another way an organised space can save you money is as you organise you will truly realise how much excess you have in your home. After a while we begin to grow used to seeing our stuff and don’t realise how much of it there is.

Have you ever walked into someones house and felt claustrophobic from all the stuff?! You’ve probably not even noticed your house might be heading in the same direction. It’s not until you start questioning what you do and don’t use that you realise you could live without some of the stuff cluttering up your home.

The great thing about decluttering is that your unwanted items can be useful to other people and that can help you claw back some of the money spent on excess items you have in your home. You will never get all of your money back, and sometimes you won’t get any of it but it is possible to sell your clutter and add to your savings account.

It is truly amazing how much you can get for old electronics, gaming consoles, clothes, camera gear, books or whatever other junk you might have in your to go pile. If you’re reluctant to give something away because you spent a lot of money on it, sometimes knowing that you can get a little bit back from it by selling it makes the letting go process a little easier.

Alternatively, if you don’t need the money or don’t have the time, donate unwanted items to a local charity. Think of all the times you’ve found something you love in an op-shop for a few dollars because someone was generous enough to donate it. Pay it forward! 

8. Being organised saves you time and stress.

When you plan ahead and get organised you can save one of your most precious resources – time! Imagine all the things you could do with your spare time if it wasn’t spent doing mountains of laundry each week! No looking for lost items or spending half an hour clearing out food in your fridge that has gone bad. As they say, time is money and an organised space can save you both! When you no longer have to live with the consequences of an unorganised space, you’ll have more time to spend on more enjoyable things.

How have you found an organised space has saved you money? Comment below with your experience!